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2006 - 2010 THE THIRD EYE - European Capital of Culture Ruhr.2010
2006 - 2007 Cybercity Viehofer Straße
04/2007 Morphing Machinery, DEAF 2007
05/2006 Touch Me Touch Me Cybercity Workshop
1993-2000 Cybercity Biennale, Electric Skin, Pandoras Box
Projekte 1993-2000           menu     Cybercity Pandora's Box
Cybercity Electric Skin

Cybercity - Venedig Biennale


03/2000 Cybercity Pandora's Box
A robotic telepresence exhibition that I curated which featured works by Christian Bock, Joe Davis, Francis LeBoutillier, Dinka Pignon, Victoria Scott and kent Tankerd. The artists created miniature environments at both Interaccess in Toronto and the Flykingon in Stockholm which were linked by telepresence robots and allowed audience members in each city the ability to control the robots in the other location.

Installationen Pandora´s Box: Christian Bock, Thomas Liljenberg and Joe Davis/Katie Egan
(from left to right)

09-10/1995, Cybercity Electric Skin
An interactive telecommunications exhibition displayed at Interaccess in Toronto and linked to ISEA in Montreal, The Knitting Factory in NY, Tokyo and Los Angles via ISDN and videoconferencing. Miniature robots were linked to the other sites and allowed viewers the ability to control and see through the video eye of the machines and explore artworks created by Nancy Paterson, Steev Morgan, Francis LeBoutillier, Victoria Scott, Simone Jones, Doug Back, Jeff Mann, Karen Tzventarny, Graham Smith, Johanna Householder, Cathleen  Richardson and Norman White. This project was funded by the Canada Council for the Arts.


06/1993 Cybercity - Venedig Biennale - Aperto`93, Italien

The worlds first Cybercity exhibition that linked the McLuhan Program in Culture and Technology at the University of Toronto with the Aperto at the Vennice Bienniele in collaboration with I curated for the Aperto at the Steev Morgan, Francis LeBoutillier, Victoria Scott, Doug Back, Simone Jones, Karen Tzventarny, Graham Smith, Johanna Householder, Runt, Vera Frankel and Norman White